Coolant for Optics Applications

Coolant for Optics

LAPFASTER SO is a fully synthetic water-soluble multipurpose coolant for use in grinding, lapping and shaping operations of optical substrates including glass, sapphire, quartz and ceramics. LAPFASTER SO exhibits minimal foam and excellent biological resistance making it ideal for central systems.


LAPFASTER SO offers superb cleaning and wetting characteristics; tool life is increased + surface finish improved. Rapid settling of swarf from coolant aids filtration and extends coolant life. Our customers report increased feed rates while maintaining surface finish and reduced cracking on thin and difficult to grind substrates.


Applications include but are not limited to: core drilling, Blanchard/rotary grinding, edging, CNC shaping, centerless grinding, drilling, pellet grinding, and 3MTM TrizactTM Diamond Tile pads.


Tooling: Diamond tooling metal /resin/ plated and grinding wheels/stones.


Central systems and filtration: LAPFASTER SO can be used in either single sump or central systems. LAPFASTER SO exhibits minimal rapidly breaking foam and is easily centrifuged and/or filtered by blanket or cartridge type filters.


Product benefits and features:
  • Efficient cleaner of fixed abrasive pads and wheels; promotes swarf settling to extend coolant life.
  • Outstanding lubrication properties.
  • Resists bacteria formation.
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties.
  • Low foaming.
  • Extends 3MTM TrizactTM Diamond Tile pad lifetime by up to 20%.
  • Can be used in recirculation systems.