Wafer Cleaning


After lapping, but before ultrasonic cleaning, PRP recommends rinsing the wafers and cast iron plates by feeding a water-based alkaline rinsing agent through the slurry feed lines. This "rinse aid" contains surfactants and corrosion inhibitors.


Product Benefits / Features:

PRP Ultraclean rinse aid

  • Prevents "grid marks" on the wafers
  • Prevents corrosion on the plates
  • Prevents drying of the slurry on the wafers
  • Eliminates wafers sticking to the plates
  • Makes the wafers easier to clean


Product Description

RP TEAM is a liquid rinse aid, mildly alkaline, organic rust preventative designed for direct application to lapping plates or similar surfaces. The product is recommended to be used undiluted, but is water-soluble. RP-TEAM may also be added to most aqueous lapping vehicles to increase rust protection properties. RP-TEAM finds wide applications in silicon wafer lapping operations. It is effective in the prevention of the inevitable dark grid lines that sometimes form in wafers in the lapping process due to the elements iron and carbon present in cast iron lapping plates.


A complete and proven range of water-based cleaners from neutral to high pH for the cleaning of MOS wafers and many other electronic and ceramic parts. Ultraclean is especially designed for use in ultrasonic baths. Some Ultracleans are also suitable for spray applications. All Utlraclean is manufactured to semiconductor standards.


Product Benefits / Features:
  • Ultraclean is typically used at 4% in water
  • Ultraclean works more effectively when used in ultrasonic cleaning baths
  • Ultraclean products are biodegradable
  • Ultraclean products have excellent rinsing characteristics
  • Ultraclean products have high reserve alkalinity for long tank life. Tank life can be extended in some instances by adding caustic. Please refer to technical data sheets for exact recommendations