Wafer Cleaning

Wafer Cleaning / DEBONDING

A complete and proven range of water-based cleaners and debonding agents from neutral to high pH for the cleaning of Solar wafers. Ultraclean is especially designed for use in ultrasonic baths. Some Ultracleans are also suitable for spray applications. All Ultraclean is manufactured to semiconductor standards.

Product Benefits / Features:
  • Ultraclean is typically used at 4% in water
  • Ultraclean works more effectively when used in ultrasonic cleaning baths
  • Ultraclean products are biodegradable
  • Ultraclean products have excellent rinsing characteristics
  • Ultraclean products have high reserve alkalinity and long shelf life
  • Ultraclean is either KOH or NaOH based. In some applications, you may add caustic to increase tank life