Mold Release Agents


Process Research Products has considerable expertise in producing stable suspensions of fine particles in both oil and aqueous media. This capability has been leveraged to develop highly effective graphite based mold release agents for use in the glass industry and also boron nitride slurries for high temperature processes including investment casting and infiltrated ceramic applications.


PRP GRAPHITE IN OIL DISPERSION is a high solids content micro-graphite dispersion in hydro-treated naphthenic petroleum oil. When used as a graphite additive in many mold release compounds, it provides extraordinary, high performance release properties. In oils or greases, the graphite treats solid surfaces, allowing for reduction in friction, temperature, wear, corrosion, and energy consumption in areas where maximum lubrication and protection are desired. Lubricants containing the dispersion protect equipment from expensive downtime and excessive maintenance.


The oil based dispersion produces no airborne contamination and exhibits no heavy settling problems compared with adding graphite powders to lubricants and mold release compounds. It blends easily with base oils to give any required reduced solids concentration and the high graphite content results in cost effectiveness in use.


Product benefits and features:
  • Excellent mold release properties.
  • Good long term suspension stability characteristics.
  • Dramatically extends equipment life and increases reliability.
  • Generates no airborne contamination.
  • Reduces wear on component surfaces.
  • Reduces friction and facilitates higher loads.
  • Reduces operating temperatures.
  • Unique plating action on surfaces protects against lubrication starvation.


Process Research Products has developed a unique line of dispersions/suspensions of Hexagonal Boron Nitride (HBN) that utilize HBN’s unique properties of lubrication, non-wetting and ultra-high temperature insulation. HBN slurries are used in investment casting, mold release and infiltrated ceramic applications.


Current products include temporary coatings for ceramic infiltration applications and semi-permanent coatings for investment casting purposes.


Customized slurries can be made to meet your application requirements.