Industrial Lapping

Piston Rings Fuel Injectors Gerotors Differential Gear
Piston Rings Fuel Injectors Gerotors Differential Gear

Process Research Products provides a full range of both synthetic and oil based products primarily for lapping.  Water based suspension products are covered by our AQUALAP range while our PROLINE non-suspension carrier vehicle products are headlined by our PROLAP - the Industry Standard.


Types of products usually lapped are mechanical seals, gerotors, valves, fuel injectors, lawn mower reel blades, electric razor parts, slitter blades and conditioning rings, etc. Because of this variety, many different types of abrasives and lapping fluids are indicated.


There are a few other types of lapping that use very special lapping machines. PRP uses state of the art technology to ensure maximum slurry stability in transit, storage and use. We supply slurries for all the following operations.

SLURRIES for Lapping Differential Gears

Hardened steel spiral bevel & hypoid gears are lapped on unique Gleason or Oerlikon machines. We supply oil bases and complete abrasive slurries for this operation. These products can also be supplied as emulsifiable slurries for easy cleaning.

SLURRIES for Lapping Piston Rings

Process Research Products manufactures a complete range of abrasive slurries for gang lapping the circumference of cast iron piston rings. These slurries contain either silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.  The machinery used for lapping piston rings is custom made for this operation.


PRP produces a specialized line of environmentally sound liquid aqueous alkaline cleaners for general industrial applications. PRP industrial cleaners are available for high velocity spray applications, as well as for ultrasonic systems. Industrial strength ULTRACLEAN cleaners are also offered in rust-inhibited versions.